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About the Three of Us Together

Wayne Strider, Eileen Strider and Marie Benesh

We’re not all in the same company and we live in different parts of the USA. Marie lives in upstate New York and owns Benesh & Associates.  Wayne and Eileen live in Missouri and are co-owners of Strider & Cline, Inc.  The three of us have partnered together to conduct numerous enterprise-wide project readiness assessments, project rescue reviews, project health checks, change management support, organization designs and strategic planning  since 1999. We know what makes projects successful and what makes them fail.

We have jointly provided enterprise-wide project consulting services for numerous organizations and universities across the United States.

To see what we’ve been up to independently of one another check out our bios.

About Marie Benesh

About Eileen Strider

About Wayne Strider

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