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About Wayne Strider

Wayne Strider is co-owner and Vice President of Strider & Cline, Inc.  He co-founded Strider & Cline in 1989 with Eileen Strider. He is the author of the book Powerful Project Leadership published by Management Concepts, Inc., Vienna, VA, April 2002. Wayne has 30+ years of IT professional experience including 20 years of IT management consulting experience serving the following markets (alphabetical order):

check Associations
check Computer Hardware
check Energy
check Engineering & Manufacturing
check Financial Services
check Foundations
check Higher Education
check Publications
check Software Development


He has worked with large and small companies, privately held and publicly traded companies, start ups, and not-for-profit companies.  Examples of consulting services he has delivered to clients include:

finished-work IT organization assessments
finished-work Enterprise IT project reviews
finished-work Project readiness assessments
finished-work Human change management planning and execution
finished-work Project retrospectives
finished-work Technical review using inspection techniques
finished-work Project team development activities
finished-work Executive coaching
finished-work Repairing broken work relationships
finished-work Work culture change program planning and execution
finished-work Create IT infrastructure configuration map
finished-work Packaged software vendor review
finished-work Project management coaching
finished-work IT skills inventory and continuing education recommendations

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