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What Makes Us Different

Our services may seem similar to other consulting firms. The difference is in our ability to deal objectively with complex technical and business issues in a very human way. We build confidence and capability in our clients with

our calm, disciplined, personal approach.

Most project and change management consulting services typically focus on tools, techniques, processes, methods, standards and checklists. Methodology is important, but it’s not enough. We believe the quality of work depends on the quality of the experience among the people involved.  To understand what people are experiencing requires deep change skills.  Our training and experience with in the Satir Growth Model gives us deep change and communication skills needed to help people manage their expectations and perceptions in positive ways that move the project forward to success. The deep change management skills that we bring include:

  • The ability to be present with people reacting to a change; to understand clearly the significance of what is happening, and to take appropriate action. For example, sometimes it is appropriate to calm the fears of upset people. Sometimes it is appropriate to initiate discussions respectfully when people are avoiding difficult topics.
  • The ability to anticipate how behaviors we notice during one phase of the project can impact outcomes in subsequent phases and take actions to address and minimize those impacts.

Large, highly visible projects can stretch and stress people and working relationships. We help people anticipate issues and prepare to deal with them before they are caught in the heat of the moment. Yet, no matter how thorough the planning it’s normal for things to go awry—stresses emerge… tempers flare… uncertainties arise… discouragement and self-doubts fester. Rather than hoping that people work things out on their own, we work with individuals and groups to identify issues directly yet gently and respectfully. We bring complex situations under control quickly without assigning blame. This calms people’s fears, relieves their stress, and frees them up to be creative and productive. Our way of working with people promotes a strong sense of community within the client organization.

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