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Improving Projects by Communicating What’s Below the Surface         
by Eileen Strider

Snippet: People often feel uncomfortable sharing their personal feelings about a project. But there are recognized levels of information beneath the surface of what we hear and see. Even without plumbing the depths of your co-workers’ souls, you can conduct a little subsurface exploration to benefit the team and the project.

Dealing with a Difficult Person

by Wayne Strider

Snippet:  I believe there is no such thing as a difficult person.  “NOT!” you may say.  Ten years ago I might have agreed with you. In this article I will share with you some things I learned about myself since then that changed my mind.  One thing I learned is that the difficulty is often more about me than about the other person.   By the time you finish this article I hope you will be a tiny bit open to reframing “difficult person” to “person with whom I have difficulty.”

Substitutes for Time

by Wayne Strider

Snippet: Time pressure seems to be a constant companion of project work. We trick ourselves into believing that time is concrete, inflexible, and finite.  Where does time pressure come from and how can we get more time from our time?  Here are few ideas.

Four Ways to Adjust Your Project Budget for Risk      
by Wayne Strider

Snippet: The reputation of IT projects is widely known.  They take longer than planned and overrun their budgets by factors of 1.5 or greater.  Even when initial project estimates are reasonably accurate, failure to adjust project schedules and budgets for risk almost guarantees slippage and overruns. In this article I describe four ways you can adjust your project budget for risk.

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