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Change Management

Change in Systems

What is change management?

Activities that respectfully enlist and engage all affected individuals appropriately from top to bottom in making a transition from old status quo to an envisioned new status quo.  A transition may involve new enterprise-wide software and infrastructure resulting in different ways of doing job functions, new job descriptions, new skill requirements, and new organizational stuctures.  “Respectfully” means that perceived resistance is treated as normal behavior and is managed with openness and creativity rather than isolation and blame.

Our methodology flows from our experience with enterprise-wide projects

We have been helping large, medium and small-size organizations plan and implement successful projects as well as turnaround troubled projects for 12 years.  We have seen first-hand how these projects have been helped by effective change management strategies, and in the case of turnarounds, jeopardized by ineffective change management strategies. While necessary, we find that communication and training alone are usually not enough to build consensus and change values, attitudes, norms, and behaviors that are essential to successful implementations. Our change management methodology includes additional strategies that prepare the institution for a successful implementation by managing the inevitable emotional responses during a human change process, aligning leadership, aligning the organization, transitioning the workforce, and supporting the community.

Our methodology
  • Assess Readiness
  • Align Leaders
  • Communicate
  • Train
  • Align Workforce and Organization
  • Support


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