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Project Readiness Assessment

What Is a Readiness Assessment?
A project readiness assessment is a pre-project start-up review that evaluates the institution’s overall readiness to begin a project, identifies areas needing more attention, and makes recommendations that significantly

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increase the likelihood of project success such as:

  •  The institution’s goals and objectives for this project
  •  Expectations and concerns of the affected functional areas
  •  Leadership alignment to support this project
  •  The institution’s adaptability to change
  •  Strategies for minimizing potential project risks
  •  Project governance and decision-making structures
  •  Other critical success factors

Value of a Readiness Assessment:
A project readiness assessment sets up your project for success by identifying key areas of potential failure. Our process:

  • Identifies gaps in readiness and recommended actions to close them.
  • Solidifies project goals and expectations.
  • Prepares the institution for the selection process.
  • Indentifies and engages campus stakeholders early.
  • Prepares leaders for managing the complexity and challenges of this project.

Project Coaching Center’s Unique Readiness Assessment Process

  • Our skills and approach, based on rescuing projects in higher education, give us unique experience in how projects get into trouble and what can be done to avoid those troubles.
  • We get to underlying issues, not just the surface issues identified by other methods. We connect with people quickly at a human level so they express their hoped for benefits and honest concerns.
  • We address all areas of project domain, including executive leadership, project management capabilities, cross-functional teamwork, organizational impact, technical competencies, and the inevitable human issues inherent in complex projects.
  • We leave leaders feeling more capable and confident in their ability to successfully manage the project.


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