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Project Rescue Review

When a project is in jeopardy and a turnaround is needed our project review process can quickly isolate critical problems/issues and focus corrective action while the project is ongoing.  A project

rescue review answers the questions, “Can this project be successfully completed and if so, what needs to be done to meet the project sponsor’s objectives?”  The review focuses on 4 areas and 14 sub areas:

1.       Executive Sponsorship and Decision Making

  • Sound decision-making process in place
  • Adequate executive alignment for success
  • Business objectives defined including expected business improvements
  • Change management plan and resources to manage buy-in and support the enterprise during the transition to the new system

2.       Business Functionality

  • Policy for resolving business process change issues
  • Adequate definition and approval of functional requirements
  • Adequate involvement of and acceptance by end users and user management

3.       Project Management Capability

  • Project planning and estimating, organization, and controls
  • Tracking of budgeted vs. actual dollars and hours
  • Risk management
  • Project funding

4.       Technical Capability and Infrastructure

  • Adequate resources necessary for success, including skilled staff, technical tools, development and test environments
  • Will the current infrastructure support the system during development and in production?
  • Will the new system be maintainable on a going-forward basis?

Typical results from a project rescue review include:

  • Determination of the project’s real status
  • Clarification of what is required to finish the project (if possible to finish) or to set up a restarted project to be successful
  • Identification of salvageable items if the project cannot be finished
  • List of recommended actions to be taken
  • A written report documenting all the above


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