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Product and Vendor Selection

One of the most intensive  – and ultimately, important – aspects of implementing any packaged software, is the product selection process. Selecting a product results in a ten to fifteen year commitment and partnership with a software vendor. Therefore, it is important to develop a clear and specific set of requirements against which to evaluate software and vendors.

But often, organizations skip this important step, or make a selection based on a few demos from each vendor. This can result in purchasing a product from the vendor with the best sales organization, but not necessarily the best software product for you. Why should you go through a rigorous requirements development process?

  • Improve the speed & quality of implementation
  • Assess current and future processes
  • Have a measure for evaluating the vendor offerings
  • Provide vendor accountability
  • Provide a foundation for future systems work

We guide organizations through a structured process of requirements development and documentation that becomes a critical part of the Vendor RFP for your software.  The primary activities of this process include:

  • Preparation and education of the participants for effectively identifying their business processes and critical requirements, including providing guidance in selecting appropriate participants from all parts of the organization
  • Identification of the organization’s critical / unique business and technical requirements in the processes associated with functions such as Finance, Human Resources, and, for colleges and universities, Student Services
  • Guidance in the creation of a request for proposal (RFP), creation of business scripts to guide vendors’ responses, and assistance and facilitation in the use of the Advantiv Decision Director tool as a vendor response forum (if desired).
  • Facilitation of the final selection of a commercial package or packages

We can also guide an organization in the selection of an implementation partner that meets their cultural and technical needs

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