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Team Coaching

Project Teams may schedule team coaching with Wayne Strider, Eileen Strider, and/or Marie Benesh. Maximum number of team members participating in Team Coaching is 10.  The fee for Team Coaching is $300 per hour per consultant.

Wayne Strider, Eileen Strider and Marie Benesh
Reasons Why You Might Schedule Team Coaching

Maybe you want:

  • Unbiased feedback on observed team dynamics
  • Some ideas on how to improve team effectiveness
  • Thought-provoking questions to help the team identify a project problem or formulate a solution
  • Help dealing with change
  • Some suggestions to improve team work and decision-making
  • All of the above and more
What to Expect from Us Before and During the Coaching

The consultant will work out the coaching objectives and an agenda in advance with the team leader so we all make the best use of our time. The team leader will manage the agenda and ensure the coaching participants arrive at the scheduled time.  The consultant will comment on team interactions, ask clarifying questions, ask furthering questions, and provide experienced-based suggestions relevant to the objectives and agenda items.  At the conclusion of a coaching session, the team leader and consultant will briefly review the objectives and agenda, and comment on quality and completeness of the coaching session.  Above all else the consultant’s goals always are to:

  • Do no harm
  • Promote high self and team esteem.
  • Leave the team feeling more capable and confident in their ability to address their needs.
  • Not make the team dependent on the consultant.
Additional Services:
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